The Lekythos project is carried out by University Savoie Mont-Blanc (France) and Liaocheng University (China). It aims to define the ontology and the terminology of the Ancient Greek Vases.
What is a lekythos
A lekythos (plural lekythoi) is a type of ancient Greek vessel used for storing oil (Greek λήκυθος), especially olive oil. With a narrow body, no pouring lip, typically one handle attached to its neck, this type of jug comes in miniature sizes.
The Lekythos project aims:
• To structure the concepts and terms of Greek pottery in 3 languages (English, French, Greek);
• To publish these in the form of an e-dictionary (dynamic html file) openly accessible on the Web;
• To publish the concepts, terms, and the description of the objects of the domain in the Beazley Archive Pottery Database (BAPD) as linked open data.
How to structure the domain of ancient Greek vases
Ontologies are conceptual models that help structure data and increase data interoperability.
In the context of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), no clear division between “ontologies” and “vocabularies” is made: ‘the trend is to use the word “ontology” for more complex, and possibly quite formal collection of terms, whereas “vocabulary” is used when such strict formalism is not necessarily used or only in a very loose sense’.
SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organisation System) is a W3C vocabulary used by the Lekythos project to link objects to the corresponding object in BAPD.
Ontoterminology is an approach aiming at defining concepts and relationships among them, while linking them to their verbal designations in different languages. According to this approach:
• there is a distinct separation of the conceptual level and the terminological level
• ‘term’ is defined as a ‘verbal designation of a concept’
• the network of concepts and the network of terms are not isomorphic, i.e. they do not match
• the network of concepts and the network of terms may differ across natural languages
The tool
Lekythos uses Tedi to create an ontology, a trilingual terminology and a knowledge base populated by pottery documented in BAPD.
Download the Ontoterminology in OWL format
E-dictionary (dynamic html)
• How the Lekythos project ontology is populated (English, Greek, French)

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